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Discover Excellence en Elcatex Honduras

Located in Honduras, Elcatex Group is one of the largest and most solid industrial groups in Central America, providing jobs for more than six thousand people. Includes more than 20 companies classified in 3 main groups: Textiles, Real State and other services and Energy. The divisions cover a wide array of solutions and products from mass market through premium with a self-sufficient operation thru the green energy projects such as biomass-biogas, solar energy (16.1 MW Largest Photovoltaic Project on rooftops in Latin America).and housing projects. WRAP PLATINUM CERTIFIED

The textiles division includes Elcatex mill, vertically integrated operation, knitting forward, producing close to 8 million pounds a month with an expansion Project of 10 million pounds a month to satisfied current and future customer’s needs. With around 350 knitting machines able to produce different fabric qualities such as jersey, fleece, 1x1 rib, 2x1 rib, polo pique and synthetics fabrics (12,000,000 GARMENT PER MONTH)

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